Creation Museum

Welcome to Goodwood Baptist Church, the home of the Creation Research Museum of Ontario. For more information or to book a tour please contact: Martin Legemaate at 905-852-3470 or via email:

Creation Research Museum of Ontario: website

Check out Martin’s latest web page called “7 Ontario Geological Wonders” – sites you can actually visit, which point to catastrophe and quick processes. webpage

Want to come on a fossil trip? We are now taking registrants for Spring 2019!  

 Creation Research Museum of Ontario Photo Gallery


John Mackay, International Director of Creation Research holding a fossil trackway slab that’s displayed in the museum.


The first museum tour in 2017 after the museum renovations.


Curator Martin Legemaate taking a group for a museum tour in the spring of 2018


A great time at a Fall 2018 birthday tour. Why not hold your child’s birthday here?


A 2018 combined tour and fossil trip to the Kawartha Lakes area.


Yes, we lead fossil trips too. Contact Curator Martin Legemaate.



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