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Morning Worship Service

During the school year, Sunday morning worship service begins at 10:30 a.m. and typically wraps up close to 11:30 a.m. (or shortly thereafter).

Services consist of a time of music, reading from God’s Word, prayer, and worship followed by a sermon delivered by the Pastor.

NOTE: Sermons are available on our YouTube channel. We have begun recording the sermons on Sunday and thus, if we have a guest speaker, their sermon will also be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel.

Corporate worship is an important time where we can come together as God’s family and learn from His living Word and be encouraged by one another, in our walk with God. The Holy Bible is the authoritative source for all our spiritual learning and discernment.

Music is currently a hybrid of hymns and music accessed through YouTube.

Junior church is available during the latter part of the service for those in JK – Gr. 6, from September through June.  We are using the Jesus Storybook Bible curriculum.

Adult Sunday School:  from 9:30 – 10:15 a.m.  Pastor Oates is leading a study of the book of Hebrews.

Breakfast Sundays are held the last Sunday of each month, Sept. – Nov., & Jan. – Apr., and June, at 9 a.m.  (In May, the last Sunday is Anniversary Sunday, and we do a lunch, instead.)  The format is “pot blessing”, but come along anyway!  There is always lots!

Weekly Ministries:

Bible Study & Prayer:

All welcome!

Tuesday night Bible Study & Prayer Meeting at 7 – 8 p.m. is led by Pastor Oates.  The topic is discipleship.  Check our calendar (see the drop down menu at the top of the page) for any last-minute cancellations.  In case of inclement weather, call the church to be sure the meeting is running.  Bible study resumes Jan. 9/24, after the Christmas break.

Thursday morning Bible study at 10 – 11 a.m. Pastor Kevin Oates leads a study in James.  Check our calendar for the schedule, and for any last-minute cancellations. In case of inclement weather, call the church to be sure the Bible Study is running. Bible study resumes Jan. 11/24, after the Christmas break.

Kid’s Club – Awana (not currently running)

Other Ministries:

College and Careers – Not currently running


Friday Night Youth Activities: Not currently running

Check out the “Youth” page with information, when the ministry is active, again.

Young Adults Bible Study: 

Not currently running.

Ladies Fellowship

Typically we have meetings every second Saturday of the month, except for July and August.

Check the calendar page for details.

Vacation Bible Camp Summer 2024

July 8 – 12, from 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.   

Cost: FREE           Age: entering SK – Gr. 8

Maximum number of children we’ll be able to register for VBC is 30.   

Free tshirt for those who register by May 1, as well as for any children new to our VBC.  REGISTRATION ISN’T COMPLETE UNTIL THE WAIVER IS SUBMITTED.                                         

Registration will close June 1.

Theme: Keepers of the Kingdom

Huzzah!  Grab your armor and your trusty steed and get ready for a merry time as we travel back to the time of castles and dragons!  Kings, queens, knights, jesters—all are welcome to attend! At VBS, we’ll fill your tummy with fine victuals as you learn how to put on the armor of God!  There is a promo video on the bottom of the online registration form (see “Registration”, bullet point 2).

Registration: You have 2 options this year:

  • download a waiver (see below) and email it to the address on the form, or mail it to the church office.  (In April through to mid-May, it would be better to use the church’s email address.  See our Contact page for the email and physical address of the church. )
  • OR register online, here.  NOTE that if you register online, you’ll still need to fill in the bottom of our standard waiver. You may do this by downloading the waiver and just filling in the bottom part and signing it and then sending it to us, or by completing that portion on the first day of VBC.

The waiver has been streamlined this year, both as a document, and online, so that you only have to fill in the family information once, if you have more than one child.  To minimize printing, I’ve separated out the information pages for children 3 & 4.  If you have three or four children to register, print out both forms.  If you have more than four children, just change the child’s ‘number’.    Waiver 2024        Waiver 2024, children 3 & 4

In mid-late June, you will receive an email with all the information you wanted to know about VBC, and more!

Worker information and applications:

If you previously helped at VBC, as an adult worker or a Counsellor-in-Training, you completed a two-step process; an application and then, upon approval, a contract.  Because you did that, going forward, there will just be the contract to sign, and the worker application summary to complete.

For new  ADULT workers, there is a two-step process:  an application, consisting of an application form, possibly followed by an interview, and once accepted, a contract to sign.  (Note that an application is not a guarantee of acceptance.)  Please reference the forms below, for information about VBC and our expectations of workers:  covering letter, and job descriptions (two of them).  Please complete and submit the worker application – Adult,  and the worker application summary.

We have developed a Counsellor-in-Training (CIT) program for students entering Gr. 9 or higher.   For new CITs, please reference the forms below, for information about VBC and our expectations of workers: :  covering letter, and job descriptions (two of them).  In addition, please fill out and submit the CIT worker application, the worker application summary, and the CIT reference documents.

Forms: worker app’ns – covering letter    Worker app’n – ADULT    Job Descriptions    Job Descriptions – Team Leader Responsibilities    Worker Contract    Worker App’n summary      Worker app’n – CIT       Counsellor in Training References


Visiting those unable to attend regular services at Goodwood Baptist Church allows us the opportunity to encourage and support through alternative ways. If you would be interested in having one of our church family visit with you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Beyond our doors is a world that needs the love and assurance that God’s loves applies equally to them. The opportunities that God grants us to come alongside Him in His world and work is both rewarding and humbling. If you are aware of a need that you might suggest we consider supporting, our leadership team would be interested in hearing from you.

Our church supports the following Partners in Mission:

Arms of Jesus

David and Alice Brandon (ABWE)

Chosen People

Colleen Estes (LHNM)


Martin and Tammy Lamb (Ethnos)

David and Brenda Mensah (GRID)

Jennifer Oates (Interserve – Thailand)

Martha Oates (OMF – Taipei)

Bill and Bonita Wilkinson (OMF – Philippines)

Library News

Come see what’s new in our library.  We have books, DVDs, and an entire creation section which demonstrates how science upholds the Bible.

Ministry item:  if you are using a video in the church, you need to see first if it’s covered by our cvli video license.  Click cvli – How do I determine if a movie is covered in Canada to check it out.


Parent Resources & free curriculum: – parent resources, also things for teens and preteens, and for workers. It also has things happening in the culture and of international interest. They have a US preteen event called SuperStart that tours around. ( ) The Sunday School Zone Blog contains insights on children’s spiritual formation as well as tips, ideas, and suggestions to help Christian parents and leaders as they work with kids of all abilities (and even adults with special needs) at home, church, and school.

  • Also free curriculum – preschool and elementary – parenting resources, including for parents of special needs children. Has an app, blog, videos, newsletter, podcast, and ‘resources’ section (articles on various topics/conversation starters to use). – preteen ministry – curriculum and training hosted by kids, for kids. Family devotionals and activities coming soon. It’s an online video series about prayer – the boy host talks about different issues as well, like obeying your parents, Christmas – it always ends with prayer. Short video segments.

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